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I don’t mean to gossip, but…

“I don’t mean to gossip, but did you hear…”

These were the first words I heard when I walked into my normal workout area at the gym. As I headed for the TRX, I had to pass the two gossip ladies who are always hoarding equipment but rarely using it on account of their constant chatter (thank God I don’t need to use the pink hand weights and jazzercise steps). They’re always there when I am. Always. And I always have to hear about whose life is in shambles, who needs to wear less makeup, who has the worst hygiene, and ohmygoshjustmakeitstop.

But today’s gossip gave me a little more insight into just how sickening it is. Today the conversation revealed enough to me that I was able to determine that these two dressed-alike-hand-weight-hoarding ladies are talking about folksĀ that go to their church. Continue reading