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A Note For Churches Looking For A Youth Pastor

qualifiedpastorI’ve been at my current ministry in Kansas City now for 2 years, and I still don’t know what Rock Chalk Jayhawk means. I just know that if I say it, it gets people’s attention around here. It’s been an eventful couple of years for me. Such a milestone causes a guy to look back. As I was doing some self-evaulation of my first two years of ministry here in Kansas City (after a move halfway across the country from Fresno, California), I couldn’t help but think back to some of the job descriptions I read during my job search. I looked at churches all over America and saw an incredibly wide range of requirements and requisites for potential youth pastors. Some churches understandably wanted recordings of sermons preached.  Some required a class B or C driver’s license (you know, in case the need for a long haul trucker comes up). A surprising number required applicants to include family pictures (is this legal?). But one of the most common and most upsetting requirements I encountered was the one that looked something like this: “Must have X years experience in a church of 1000 or more,” or maybe “…X years experience, preferably in a large church setting.” Continue reading