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Preaching & Teaching Samples

General Preaching & Teaching Teaching in a Youth Ministry Setting
I often get the privilage to teach/preach for my whole congregation in our Sunday morning services. I have been asked to preach stand-alone sermons, and I have also had the privlage of writing and delivering a four-week expository series as well. Click below to view a list of all sermons I have preached at my current ministry.

Click to view a list of sermons.

–  – I know many search committees like to see a sample of a pastor teaching in a youth setting. The Sunday morning program I have for youth where I am is a combined 6-12th grade session, as opposed to the midweek small group program I’ve put in place. See below for a sample of a typical lesson in this setting.


I maintain a youth ministry website/blog for my youth group. The purpose is to communicate with students AND parents – not just about upcoming events, but to give previews for weekly study topics, re-caps from a previous night’s meeting or Bible study, family discussion guides for follow-up, or sometimes a “response” to current events. The website is a purchased template, but most of the graphics, including the logo, are original. Click image to view. In the spring, I organized and directed a community 5K run as both a community outreach event and a fundraiser for our student ministry mission trip to Haiti. Here is a WordPress-based site I created to promote the race, host registration, and post photos and results. Graphics and logo are original. Click the image to view.
I was the co-creator for my current church’s website. It was a joint effort between me (logo, aesthetics, content) and an elder at the church (back-end, code, etc) who is a former imagineer for Disney. I built this website for a client I had back in Fresno, CA. She and my wife taught at Fresno State University together, and this woman needed a website to promote her freelance writing.

Social Networks

I know this is important to some people. I maintain an online presence because, whether good or bad, this is where the people spend their free time. I use the social networks to reach out, stay connected, and keep my finger on the pulse of the culture of the youth, their families, and the community.

My Personal Facebook Account My Youth Ministry Facebook Page
My Personal Twitter Account My Personal Instagram Account


Below are samples of videos I have created to highlight various trips and events. These have proven to be effective tools for many platforms: social networking, advertisement, and in-church announcements.

This is a promo video I made to advertise our 5K community race,
raising money for an upcoming mission trip. Made on Final Cut.







This was my band, Frontline, leading worship at a Christ In Youth Summer Conference
in San Luis Obispo, CA in 2004. I am on the drums. Lead singer is Brian Sites, now worship leader at Southeast Christian Church in Louville, KY. Backup singer (male) is Luc DiMarzio, now worship leader at Lifebridge Christian Church in Longmont, CO. Both are willing and eager references.


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