I’m Done Hating Blogs Now

I’ve been anti-blogs for a long time now. Probably for the same reason some people refuse to admit they like hyped-up movies or hipster clothes (although I’ll never recognize the validity of man-scarves). I suppose I’ve been so resistant to begin blogging because I don’t want to be associated with those who have enlightened us with their first marathon training experience or given us a far too detailed account of their first pregnancy/birthing experience.

But I recently met a blogger who changed my mind. Last month, my wife and I were at the National Youth Workers’ Convention in Dallas, TX, and I had a chance to talk with author Tony Jones. I had sat in on his seminar (The Church and Culture: A Match Made in Heaven?) and had some questions. Long story short: Tony showed me that there is value in being a thinking Christian.

I’ve read his blog. I’ve read other blogs, too. And you know what? It was nice. It was nice to glean some wisdom from others who have spent the time to chew on the issues I’ve been wondering about. Have you ever had that feeling of elation when you heard someone say something that was a perfect articulation of what you’ve been feeling for some time, but just couldn’t put it into words? That’s what I felt when I read Rachel Held Evans’ thoughts about the evangelical church’s response to the re-election of President Obama.

The truth that I’ve found is that those who take the time and energy to wrestle with tough questions are the ones who have the most solid answers.

I don’t know if I agree with everything I read on Tony Jones’ blog, and I’m sure he’s okay with that. But I’ve grown from the experience of reading his and others’ heavily researched theological views on tough issues.

And here’s another reason I’ve changed my opinions about blogging. If I’m going to presume to be a minister of the Gospel, I suppose I should be ready to give an answer if someone were to question my faith or theology. What better way to make myself accountable than by putting it out there on the WWW? Think about it: if I’m going to put an opinion out there for anyone to read, I’ll probably put a lot more thought and research behind my stance than if I just kept it to myself. And suddenly I’m better-equipped to be a thinking Christian, all because, like so many others, I took the time to think about, research, and articulate my theological stances.

And that’s why you get to read my blog. Or not. I don’t care.


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